Meditrawell is now available in Australia as your trusted medical tourism agency cum medical travel agency. We are based at India and serving well to worldwide customers for their international medical tourism needs with a great additional facility as ayurveda tourism too. There are special packages available for you with us and these will be customized according to your health care needs with the added economy in it. Our wellness tourism facility includes arranging accommodation and health care from the best experts leaving no room for any type of excessive billing. Our team of doctors will evaluate your procedures and billing with utmost attention in a way leaving no scope for any type of fraudulent or cheating activities.

Ayurveda and any other health care facility is arranged with prior discussion and our travel desk team will be of reasonable help and support for you from the beginning of your trip from your home to reaching here. Our doctors’ team will help you with everything that is necessary in planning and availing health care at cheaper. Our specialization is medical tourism plastic surgery and we can arrange all types of these surgeries at the unbelievable low prices. Whether your interest is dental tourism or plastic surgery tourism, our team of experts will always be there to let you avail everything in a well organized manner that is added with economy. Cosmetic surgery at abroad may sound costly, but with meditraweell from India will translate it into cost effective for you always.


Meditrawell is reliable for your ayurveda tourism needs. Ayurveda in Kerala is quite archaic and we will arrange the best experts and the best ayurvedic herbs for you. Ayurvedic treatments in kerala with us are your holistic health care approach for sure. Our Kerala ayurvedic treatment is often added with ayurvedic resorts too in order to translate your stay pleasant as well as holistic natural treatment. We are specialists to offer you the best ayurveda panchakrma treatment, Ayurvedic Purvakarma, yoga therapy, and many more.


Now, specialist medical tourism agency Meditrawell is available to you in Australia at the below given address. You can call our doctor for appointments at given number below. BY keeping our presence in Australia, we are helping you to get more clarity on our ayurvedic treatments and medical tourism facilities. We are here to translate your trip to India pleasurable, economical and health beneficial.

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